Expedition Team - South Pole Challenge

Darren Edwards is a record-breaking Disabled Adventurer, Author, and Motivational Speaker. 

Darren’s life was drastically altered in the summer of 2016 when a near-fatal climbing accident left him permanently paralysed from the chest down. Refusing to let his life be defined by his heart-breaking injury and subsequent medical prognosis, he has battled back with determination, grit, and resilience to achieve things many thought impossible for an individual with a high-level Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).

Darren’s exploits since that life-changing moment have seen him lead a team of daring injured and wounded veterans who became the first team to kayak from Land’s End to John O’ Groats (across some of the United Kingdom’s wildest and most unpredictable seas), sit-ski across the largest icecap in Europe, and in 2023, he became the first person with a disability to complete 7 marathons in 7 days across 7 continents – better known as the ‘World Marathon Challenge’. In addition to these physical and mental battles, he has raised over £200,000 for charity and is an established and professional Motivational Speaker. 

Matt Luxton is an Adventurer and Mine Clearance Diver in the Royal Navy.

Matt has served in the Royal Navy’s prestigious Mine Clearance unit since 2009. He has deployed on operations across the world and is an expert in beach reconnaissance and marine count-terrorism. In 2023, Matt was awarded the Royal Victorian Medal (RVM) for his distinguished service in the Royal Navy and service to country. 

Outside of his role in the Royal Navy, Matt is a keen mountaineer and adventurer. On the 6th of August 2016, Matt saved Darren’s life at the World’s End cliff face in North Wales. The pair refused to lose adventure and a love for the outdoors as a core part of their friendship. This expedition is the ultimate example of this refusal to be defined by adversity. 


Chris Brooke is a Polar Explorer and Air Ambulance Medic

Chris has previously skied across Antarctica as part of the record-breaking ‘Spear 17’ expedition which successfully traversed the Antarctic continent. Chris will bring his vast experience to the team and will draw on these previous experiences to help guide the team.

As a Paramedic for the Midlands Air Ambulance, Chris will provide medical cover for the expedition and will help ensure that the risk of polar-specific medical emergencies/injuries is avoided and mitigated (as much as possible).


Matthew Biggar is an Adventurer and Filmmaker. 

Matthew is a former Army Reservist and Police Officer. After a life-changing sporting injury, Matthew began to build a successful career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. His passion for adventure and the outdoors ultimately led him to become an adventure film maker. Matthew will be proactively documenting the challenging nature of the expedition, helping to capture the true story of grit, determination, and resilience, which each member of the South Pole Challenge team embodies. 

Matthew is also a father to his little boy Wolfe, and is helping Darren to prepare his body for the physical rigours of the South Pole.