English Channel 2022

On the 9th of May 2022, Darren led a crew of six on the epic undertaking of rowing across the English Channel (23 nautical miles across the busiest shipping lane in the world) in aid of mental health and suicide prevention charities across the UK. In September 2021, Darren’s father lost his long battle with mental health and depression. Determined to help others in a similar situation to his father, Darren came up with the idea of rowing across the Channel in memory of his father.

The purpose of the Channel Row Challenge was to raise awareness of mental health and depression, and to raise much needed funds for the invaluable work carried out by charities across the UK supporting those with mental health challenges.

The team took five and a half hours to row the full distance of the English Channel, before arriving back in Dover Harbour later that day both elated and exhausted.